Tigga & Togga is an animated preschool series and interactive experience that takes place in a world where every object has a sound waiting to be discovered and every creature has a song. The main characters, Tigga and Togga, are the conductors of a symphony of sound that takes preschool viewers on a journey of exploration and creativity by sharing the music that makes their world go round.

The Tigga & Togga website provides an online experience for caregivers and teachers to use as an introduction to the concept of music as expression.

Online, preschoolers will find interactive locations which focus on the foundation concepts of musical expression. Within each location, moments of interactivity will introduce musical concepts through expressive activities that demonstrate melody, harmony, rhythm, pitch, tempo, and dynamics.

The Tigga & Togga website is putting into practice the philosophies and research of advocacy organizations such as the Canadian Coalition for Music Education and Support Music which endorse the early introduction of musical concepts to preschool children.

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